Highlighted Projects


Reid’s Heritage LEED Platinum Home

Reid’s Heritage Homes built Canada’s first LEED Platinum home, which was also North America’s highest rated home ever. CleanEnergy used an innovative geoexchange system integrated with solar thermal to give top LEED points and an energy reduction of over 80% compared to a conventional system. Read more.

CleanEnergy's geoexchange system (at the Reid's Heritage LEED Platinum home) uses free heat energy from the sun and earth for home heating and cooling, as well as to heat hot water. The system is estimated to save up to $2,500 a year on energy bills.
Tracy Hanes, Toronto Star

Integral House

Integral House is a large residence built as a concert hall with living quarters. Situated on a steep ravine, the five-story home has many windows allowing the sun to brighten and heat the home. To keep the house cool for all of the guests frequenting the concert hall, geoexchange proved to be an innovative solution.



Mill Bay Home

A family from Mill Bay on Vancouver Island was building their dream home overlooking the ocean. The most important goal of this 9,000 square foot home was to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. To accomplish this goal the obvious choice was geoexchange, which reduces the energy consumed in heating and cooling a home by up to 80%. Read more.

CleanEnergy brings an optimized, fully managed product that creates customer value through balancing costs and benefits.
Owner of the Mill Bay Home


WestJet Calgary Campus

When WestJet built its new Calgary campus, energy efficiency and meeting the LEED® Gold standard were top considerations, Read more about how WestJet benefited from geoexchange – both on its bottom line and its carbon footprint – and find out how geoexchange can benefit your organization.

“Our geoexchange system was a key technology in qualifying our Calgary Campus for LEED gold.  The system is dependable, efficient and has improved the comfort of our work environment.  Geoexchange has also allowed WestJet to reduce its energy consumption by 35 percent, and reduce its greenhouse gas footprint by 1,250 tonnes per year.”
Sean Durfy, President & CEO, WestJet

Haldimand Motors

When the owner of Haldimand Motors, the largest used car dealership in North America, was building his new 64 bay shop building, low operating costs and employee comfort were a top priority. Considering the employees used to be sent home in the summer due to extreme heat in the shop, geoexchange was an ideal solution, providing both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Read more.



Planet Traveler

When Tom Rand and Anthony Aarts bought an abandoned building on College Street in downtown Toronto they had a dream – to build North America’s greenest hotel. Without geoexchange, this would have been next to impossible.  In Tom’s words, “geoexchange is the lowest hanging fruit on the renewable energy tree” and an obvious choice for heating and cooling their super efficient hotel. The geoexchange system alone accounted for 70% of their 80% reduction from business-as-usual carbon emissions. Read more.

Geoexchange is the lowest hanging fruit on the energy tree… You get more return for your dollar than any other form of alternative energy.
Tom Rand

Multi-Family Residential


Kelowna’s latest architectural highlight is a cruise ship inspired 14-storey condominium highrise that will certainly change the neighbourhood’s skyline. With high end finishings throughout the building, geoexchange is a perfect choice to add to this premium building's cachet and keep the residents comfortable all year round.


L’Ecole Secondaire de Barrie:

Barrie’s new French language public secondary school is a school of firsts: it is the first French language public school, the first school in the area to use geoexchange, and the first school in Canada to apply for the LEED Gold Standard. Geoexchange is the cornerstone and the most important plank in their energy efficiency platform. Read more.

This investment is great news for our community. It will create jobs in the short term and in the long term, and ensure that students develop the skills they need to succeed in their future careers.
Aileen Carroll, MPP for Barrie

Centre for Sustainable Technologies Georgian College

Georgian College’s new Centre for Sustainable Technologies serves as a learning lab for sustainable technologies, so including geoexchange creates an important educational opportunity for students. The geoexchange system demonstrates where the future of the sustainable energy industry is headed on all building projects. Read more.

Lakefield College School

When the prestigious Lakefield College School decided to build a new student residence, they chose geoexchange to keep operating costs as low as possible while also being as “green” as possible.


Recreational Facilities

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Geoexchange systems can not only heat and cool homes efficiently, they are also a great system for hot water heating, including your domestic load, pool and hot tub. Did you know that geoexchange is also used to heat the water at the world renowned Banff Upper Hot Springs? Read more.

The system operates seamlessly. Maintaining the system is as simple as it gets. We are hardly ever going into the mechanical room, whereas with the previous system we were in there all the time.
Bob Elliott, Maintenance Supervisor, Parks Canada, Banff Upper Hot Springs


Private Arena

When the owner of a Junior A hockey team decided to build his own arena at home, he knew that building the arena was only part of the equation. The other part was that he would have to operate it over the long term, so keeping operating costs low was a serious consideration. The best solution for this arena? Geoexchange.

Grocery Stores

Copper Ridge Food Store

The Copper Ridge grocery store is a 12,000 sq. ft. store in Whitehorse. The owners obviously needed heating, cooling, refrigeration and hot water, but they wanted to achieve this while also reducing operating costs and providing a more comfortable environment for their customers and staff. The efficiency of CleanEnergy’s was 31.5 % higher than the Model National Energy Code for Buildings, which itself is 25% better than the standard building code. Plus, the payback was almost immediate. Read more.

Geoexchange is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to heat and cool most buildings today.
David Suzuki Foundation