Hotels use a lot of energy to ensure their customers are comfortable. No expense is spared from washing linens and towels daily, to each room having its own thermostat and hot water source to ensure the guests are always happy.

What if there was a way hotels could reduce their operating costs and not only ensure their guests current level of comfort but actually increase it, all well operating sustainably? There is a way.

Geoexchange systems can provide the heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs for the hotel and even heat the pool and hot tub by harnessing energy from the earth - all for a fraction of the cost of traditional heating and cooling methods. On top of that, geoexchange results in a more even and steady delivery of temperature and due to the whisper quiet heat pumps, you will never hear the system turn on or off. Talk about making your guests comfortable.

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CleanEnergy has demonstrated success in providing geoexchange solutions for hotels.

Planet Traveller

CleanEnergy has demonstrated success in providing geoexchange solutions for hotels. One such project is Planet Traveller, in Downtown Toronto. Tom Rand and his business partner Anthony Aarts have just built the greenest hotel in North America. Their goal was to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from a “business as usual” scenario. Rand had predicted that there would be many technologies necessary to meet his green goal, but when he learned about geoexchange he knew he’d found his silver bullet - the geoexchange system installed at Planet Traveller accounts for 70% of the greenhouse gas emission reductions for the hotel. Rand predicts he will save approximately $2,500 monthly in energy costs and he can expect to have a payback in approximately 4 years. CleanEnergy was instrumental in providing the equipment, drilling and installing the ground loop.

Located in downtown Toronto, accessing space to drill the boreholes proved to be a challenge. The building occupied the entire footprint of the property, so the City of Toronto made history by granting CleanEnergy access to the public laneway beside the building for installation of the ground loop. They went so far as to pass a resolution encouraging the use of Toronto’s public land for geo installations, setting up a task force to determine the process.

Geoexchange is the lowest hanging fruit on the energy tree… You get more return for your dollar than any other form of alternative energy.
Tom Rand




Planet Traveller Feature in Yonge Street

Planet Traveller was featured in the February 24th edition of Yonge Street, a weekly online magazine that focuses on talent, innovation, diversity and quality of life stories in the Toronto region. Read more.

Planet Traveller at TEDx in Toronto

At TEDxTO in September 2009, Tom Rand spoke about developing the greenest hotel in North America: Planet Traveller. In Tom’s words, “geoexchange is the lowest hanging fruit on the renewable energy tree” and an obvious choice for heating and cooling the super efficient hotel. The geoexchange system alone accounted for 70% of the 80% reduction from business-as-usual carbon emissions. CleanEnergy installed the system, including drilling, tie-in, and equipment supply.