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Building owners are increasingly realizing the benefits of using geoexchange to heat and cool their buildings – money saved, comfortable tenants, a better environment.  So while geoexchange costs more up front, the long term benefits are leading more and more building owners to have geoexchange lead their suite of energy efficiency technology upgrades:

  • Significantly lower operating costs, meaning better value for tenants and higher lease rates for owners
  • Lower carbon footprint, which helps companies to become much more sustainable with just one technology
  • Better indoor air quality, and therefore improved employee comfort 
  • Lower maintenance costs than conventional systems
  • Incentives exist in many municipalities

A case in point is Haldimand Motors in Cayuga, Ontario.

Haldimand Motors

Haldimand Motors is North America’s largest car dealership.  In order to accommodate their rapid growth, a new 64 bay service facility was needed.  The building has slab floor heating connected to two 20 ton water-to-water heat pumps with a large storage tank.  The heating system is fed by a horizontal loop buried in the field behind the shop.  Because the building loses heat rapidly in the coldest days of winter when the large bay doors open, natural gas furnaces will turn on to give instantaneous heat in these areas.

With a conventional system there would have been no air conditioning.  When temperatures get too hot in the summertime, employees are simply sent home.  Since the geoexchange system also provides cooling (chilled water feeds coils connected to the heat pumps) their summer days can now be fully productive.

In addition to the operating cost savings, the capital cost was offset by a grant from the High Performance New Construction program.

I’m very, very pleased.  The cost of running the building is very reasonable and CleanEnergy’s geoexchange system is going to really benefit us.
John Edelman, Owner, Haldimand Motors