Multi-family Residential

Geoexchange systems are ideal for multi-family residential buildings. The same characteristics that make geoexchange a premium system in single family homes apply to multi-family buildings as well: better humidity control, no temperature fluctuations, cost savings, a healthy indoor environment, and no burning of fossil fuels in the building. These all combine to create an exceptionally comfortable living environment.

Geoexchange systems can be designed with all the flexibility of a conventional system, and can readily be designed to give temperature control for each individual unit. The design can also give the ability to move energy around the building to where it is needed. For example, those in the south facing units who use cooling more in the summer months, the heat created to cool those units can be used to provide heating to those north facing units. Transferring energy within the building is an efficient means of heating and cooling multi-family residential buildings without burning more fossil fuels. It also enables a smaller, more efficient and less costly ground loop, improving the system’s economics.

Some common benefits of using geoexchange in multi-family residential buildings:

  • Can increase the amount of usable floor space
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling, keeping all parts of the building comfortable at all times
  • Domestic hot water pre-heat
  • Better humidity control
  • Higher air circulation means a more comfortable building