Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities are ripe with opportunity for energy efficiency improvements; in particular geoexchange. In arenas, heat removed from the ice during the ice making process is often simply exhausted to the outside – with geoexchange that heat wouldn’t go to waste. It would be re-used to heat other areas in the building.

In recreational facilities with swimming pools, this waste heat can be used to heat the water. Geoexchange converts waste heat into a valuable resource by transferring the energy to areas where it is needed.

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CleanEnergy has significant experience providing geoexchange solutions to recreational facilities. Using geoexchange in a rink can be as simple as taking the heat out of the ice and using it to heat the building. A geoexchange system replaces conventional ammonia-based ice making equipment, and depending on the size of the ground loop can eliminate the need for a cooling tower, or at least substantially reduce its size.

Aberdeen and District Recreation Complex

CleanEnergy designed a geoexchange system for the Aberdeen and District Recreation Complex in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. The facility houses an arena, curling rink, bowling alley, senior citizen’s room, fitness centre, cultural dance area, public library, and playschool. The geoexchange system is used to make the ice, with the waste heat being recaptured and used for space heating, preheating hot water, and melting the ice scrapings. There is the potential to extend the use of waste heat to other nearby facilities. The geoexchange system has provided the Aberdeen facility with a 60% reduction in annual operating costs when compared to a conventional system.

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Geoexchange represents an operationally effective and environmentally superior method of heating your pool. Geoexchange for pool heating takes the heat from the ground and transfers that heat into the pool water. The most significant advantage of using geoexchange to heat a pool is the reduction and, in some cases, the complete elimination of fossil fuels.

Banff Upper Hot Springs Pool

CleanEnergy engineered an innovative and highly efficient heating solution meeting all the requirements of the heritage-designated Banff Upper Hot Springs using an open loop geoexchange system. The system recovers heat from both the natural geothermal source and the pool water discharge, which is then passed through two heat pumps resulting in a natural increase to the pool’s water temperature. CleanEnergy’s unique thermal system application was recognized as being instrumental in the Banff Upper Hot Springs Building as was awarded Building of the Year for a Special Purpose Facility under 100,000 Square Feet by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).


The system operates seamlessly. Maintaining the system is as simple as it gets. We are hardly ever going into the mechanical room, whereas with the previous system we were in there all the time.
Bob Elliott, Maintenance Supervisor, Parks Canada, Banff Upper Hot Springs