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Remember what it was like sweltering in a classroom in June in a school without air conditioning? With geoexchange this could be a thing of the past – it provides heating AND air conditioning, all with the same equipment. And among the other benefits are:

  • Significantly lower operating costs, freeing up budget for other necessities
  • Much smaller environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • Opportunities for students to learn about renewable energy, new technology, and how they can do their part for the environment
  • Better air Quality by design
  • A simple system – less maintenance, no specialists required
  • Government energy efficiency incentives

Geoexchange is an excellent option for new-build schools, and can very often be used effectively to retrofit schools that use old boilers or forced air systems. CleanEnergy’s engineers and installers have the skills, expertise and experience to design, engineer and install highly energy efficient HVAC systems for schools that solve the unique issues of each one. Our team can work with school boards to resolve legacy issues such as poor ventilation and electrical inefficiencies. We also have design experience with limiting intrusion to existing structures, which can reduce retrofit costs. Having worked with School Boards in the past, we understand their unique requirements and can ensure that students and staff have a safe and healthy learning environment.

Ecole Secondaire de Barrie, Ontario

  • Barrie’s first French language public secondary school is also the area’s first geoexchange heated and air conditioned school
  • CleanEnergy™ provided the groundloop and supplied the nine heat pumps for this 69 ton job
  • A horizontal slinky ground loop was installed under the school’s playing fields
  • Operating costs are about half as much as comparable schools with conventional HVAC

Sustainable Technologies Building at Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario

  • The geoexchange system, designed by CleanEnergy, is comprised of 42 boreholes, each 275 feet deep, as well as 15 CleanEnergy heat pumps
  • The ground loop, which is under the parking lot, provides heat to individual heat pumps in each classroom, giving maximum climate control and comfort for each room
  • Windows into the mechanical room and clearly labeled components help to educate the students, staff and visitors to the building about how geoexchange works

Lakefield College School

  • CleanEnergy undertook a thermal conductivity test and installed a ground loop for the new student residence
  • The school chose geoexchange to keep operating costs as low as possible while also being as “green” as possible